As Members of the Wildlife Animal Protection Forum South Africa (WAPFSA) we, the undersigned South African organisations, resolve to adopt this statement of purpose, objects, and operational principles.



The WAPFSA was initiated in 2017 as a collaborative network representing the interests of wild animals and as a vehicle to engage government on animal protection, ethical and compassionate conservation, welfare and biodiversity loss issues amongst others.


EMS Foundation Michele Pickover Director www.emsfoundation.org

Animal Law Reform Amy Wilson Director www.animallawreform.org

Ban Animal Trading Smaragda Louw Director www.bananimaltrading.org

Beauty Without Cruelty Toni Brockhoven Director www.bwcsa.co.za

Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education Stephen Munro Managing Director www.primatecare.org

Four Paws South Africa Fiona Miles Director www.four-paws.org.za

Future 4 Wildlife Stefania Falcon Co-Founder www.future4wildlife.org

Global White Lion Protection Trust Linda Tucker Founder and CEO www.whitelions.org

The Institute for Critical Animal Studies Les Mitchell Director www.criticalanimalstudies.org

Monkey Helpline Steve Smit Founder, Chairperson www.monkeyhelpline.co.za

Rhinos in Africa Megan Carr Founder http://www.rhinosinafrica.com

Southern African Fight for Rhinos Alexia Abnett Founder, Director www.ffrsa.org

Vervet Monkey Foundation Dave Du Toit Founder www.vervet.za.org

WildAid South Africa Guy Jennings www.wildaid.org

Wild Law Institute Cormac Cullinan Director https://wildlaw.net/

Chief Stephen Fritz A Traditional Leader of a South African Indigenous Khoisan Clan https://chiefstephenfritz.com

Pete Oxford Betty’s Bay Baboon Action Group https://www.peteoxfordexpeditions.com


Wynter Worsthorne https://www.animaltalkafrica.co.za/

Vivien Laverge Parliament of the People

Jabulan Myeni Gifted for Good

Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine Nyquist Founders and Directors https://pantheraafrica.com/

Kirsten Youens Founder, Chief Executive Director https://allrise.org.za


The WAPFSA provides a framework for cooperation and networking among non-governmental organisations in South Africa. Through such cooperation, animal protection, environmental, conservation, and other like-minded organisations can present, to the various government agencies and other relevant bodies, a strong, clear and informed common position.

Our collaboration involves, but is not limited to, the following main categories: advocacy, outreach, research, enforcement, investigation, monitoring, litigation and training.


The WAPFSA is an alliance of diverse organisations that share certain values, knowledge and objectives which collectively comprises a body of expertise from scientific, conservation, legal, welfare, protection, rights, social justice, financial and public advocacy sectors.

The WAPFSA is focussed on the interaction with local and international governments, industry, corporations, communities and other bodies and stakeholders to protect wildlife through collaborative, informed and targeted efforts.

The overarching object of WAPFSA is to facilitate the creation of a strong social movement that advocates locally and globally so as to create awareness and to lobby and affect policy and legislative remedies and change relating to:

the loss, contamination, fragmentation, degradation and climate alteration of suitable habitat for wild animals;

the captive breeding, keeping, exhibition, management, handling, trading, oppression and trophy hunting of wild animals and their body parts for commercial purposes and associated exploitation.

The WAPFSA may develop a number of specialist and interdisciplinary Working Groups so as to: enhance information sharing; combine the talents; knowledge and experience of the WAPFSA’s member organisations; develop and provide technical assistance; and to assist WAPFSA advocacy, lobbying and policy development activities.

20th February 2019, and in support of the above, the organisations listed established the Wildlife Animal Protection Forum South Africa.

Michele Pickover Director EMS Foundation