The EMS Foundation, is a South African social justice and not for profit organisation. The foundation’s dedicated key purpose is to alleviate, and end suffering, raise public awareness, empower, provide dignity and promote the interests of vulnerable groups, particularly youth, the elderly and wildlife. The EMS Foundation supports the five interrelated principles of social justice, namely: equity, access, diversity, participation and rights.  Michele Pickover is the Executive Director of the EMS Foundation, the EMS Foundation is the Founding Member of the Wildlife Animal Protection Forum South Africa.

Ban Animal Trading is widely considered to be South Africa’s foremost Animal rights Organisation. The long-term vision is to end animal exploitation through facilitating positive and meaningful change, recognising that change is incremental, and created through awareness and education and legislative enactment. BAT strives to raise awareness in order to facilitate long term change, by challenging the status quo in a legal, ethical and professional manner. Smaragda Louw is the founder and the chairperson of BAT.

All Rise Attorneys is a non-profit organisation and registered law clinic for climate and environmental justice. All Rise has a team of passionate and experienced attorneys who work pro bono for communities who cannot afford legal services and take on matters of public interest. The evidence of the pressure that humankind is placing on the Earth’s ability to sustain life is overwhelming. Global warming, pollution and the loss of species are challenges that both international and domestic law needs to confront. In facing these challenges, the environmental laws of South Africa continue to strengthen the possibility that these challenges can be met. Kirsen Youens is the Chief Executive Director of All Rise Attorneys.

Co-operative and Policy Alternative Centre is a not-for-profit section 21 Company formed in 2001. Their vision is to build human solidarity to sustain life and a grassroots driven, just transition for system for change. COPAC has orientated itself to build capacity amongst poor communities to achieve self reliant, collectively driven, sustainable and participatory development. COPAC has worked with progressive social movements, government departments, township communities and has partnered with several non-governmental organisations. Professor Vishwas Satgar is the Board Chairperson of COPAC.

Betty’s Bay Baboon Action Group is a group of volunteers who are working towards protecting the baboons living in and around Betty’s Bay so that they can be free to roam. Since the devastating fires of 2019 there has been an increase of baboon dispersion in the various neighbourhoods within Betty’s Bay. People are facing an increased number of baboons traversing through their properties. The founders of the Bettys’s Bay Baboon Action Group are actively seeking solutions to manage waste disposal and ways to harmoniously co-exist with the baboons. Betty’s Bay Baboon Action Group was founded by Rene Bisch and Pete Oxford.

The organisation called Dzomo la Mupo works to preserve and revive cultural diversity and food sovereignty in South Africa. Based in Limpopo Province of the Vhembe district, the organisation strengthens local communities in ecological governance through awareness on the value of indigenous forests, by reviving indigenous sees, facilitating and encouraging inter generals learning, and rebuilding confidence in the value of indigenous knowledge systems. Mphatheleni Makaulule is driven by her concern that cultural values are being eroded and indigenous forests are facing mass destruction. Their vision is to protect nature in all its forms, especially indigenous forests, rivers, wetlands and sacred natural sites and to ehance the indigenous skills of traditional agriculture which support agro-ecological farming, and to persevere healthy nutritional food security. Dzomo la Mupo was founded by Mphatheleni Makaulule.

C.A.R.E. Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education is an NPO and registered wildlife rehabilitation centre dedicated to baboon rehabilitation. The centre consists of a dedicated team who are passionate, whose mission it is to save, conserve and protect South Africa’s baboons and other small wildlife species. Established in 1989 C.A.R.E. have successfully released over 12 rehabilitated troops of baboons and other smaller wildlife species back into protected wild natural areas. Stephen Munro and Samantha Dewhirst are the managing directors of C.A.R.E.

Future 4 Wildlife is a non profit organisation that is operational in Europe and Africa. Future 4 Wildlife focuses on the protection of large carnivores and other species, the promotion of human-wildlife coexistence in so-called conflict scenarios. Future 4 Wildlife also focuses its attention on research, the analysis of data and of policies and legislation. Future 4 Wildlife was co founded and is co directed by Stefani Falcon.

Panthera Africa is a non profit company and the associated big cat sanctuary saves, rehabilitates and protects big cats. One of their main purposes is to act as an educational platform where they create awareness about conditions big cats face in the captive industry, and how animal welfare and enrichment play a vital role in giving the big cats in the sanctuary the best captive life possible. Panthera Africa was founded by Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine Cornwall-Nyquist.

Animal Talk Africa offers the opportunity of becoming in-tune with human energies in order to be able to connect with and understand other humans and animals on deeper levels, in this way animals and humans can communicate with each other. This deeper thinking stems from ancient traditions and allows humans and nature to co-exist in harmony. Animal Talk Africa offers guidance in the subtle art of animal communication. Animal Talk Africa was founded by Wynter Worsthorne.

CLAW is a welfare organisation, renowned as the pioneer of community based primary animal healthcare in South Africa. The Community Led Animal Welfare program brings hope to impoverished communities where traditional veterinary services are often unavailable but desperately in needed for domestic animals in Johannesburg. CLAW also distributes food parcels, facilitates a home-based care programme to teach people how to care for the infirm, runs food gardens and assists communities to access health and hospice care. CLAW was founded by Cora Bailey.

Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa is an animal rights organisation whose primary objective is to educate and inform the general public about the exploitation, abuse and suffering of animals and to offer humane solutions. Beauty Without Cruelty has initiated a number of campaigns, which focus on exposing animal abuse, specifically in the areas of vivisection/cosmetic testing, the exploitation of wildlife and factory farming. They have applied legal interventions, organised protests and lobbied government. Toni Brockhoven is the Chairperson of Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa

African Climate Alliance a youth led grassroots-movement based organisation, acting and advocating for an Afrocentric Climate Justice. This organisation was born out the first-ever youth-led climate protest held in Cape Town in 2019. Their aim is to build up youth leadership and capacity-building for young people in the climate justice space, fighting for environmental, ecological and social Justice in Cape Town and beyond, they have allies in eight African countries. Education is at the heart of everything this organisation does, they are also the first youth organisation to be involved in a climate-change court case in South African history. Sairusha Govindsamy is the spokesperson for the African Climate Alliance.

Global White Lion Protection Trust is a registered NPO/Public Benefit Organisation situated in a protected area the land was acquired by the White Lion Trust, which has re-introduced captive bred White Lions into their natural habitat in a carefully phased, ground-breaking scientific program. The White Lions have integrated with wild golden lions, and three prides now roam freely. This follows ten years of intensive research into both the scientific and cultural significance of the White Lions. The Global White Lion Protection Trust was founded in 2002 by Linda Tucker.

Gifted for Good believe in planting the seeds positivity and hope in their community that will take root and grow. This positive movement of change is taking place in Alexandra a town in the Gauteng province of South Africa. A dream written down becomes a goal, a goal broken down into step becomes a plan, a plan backed by action becomes a reality is their motto. Gifted for Good is founded by Jabu Myeni and Tshegofatzo Makwe

Kogelberg Villages Environmental Trustees is a community run non-profit organisation established for the ecological interests of all the Overstrand villages of Betty’s Bay, Moon Uitsig, Kleinmond, Pringle Bay, Hangklip and Rooiels in the Western Cape. Protection of the flora and fauna is important for the long-term sustainability of the local environment and KVET is dedicated to informing and educating the residents and visitors so that everyone can enjoy the natural surroundings. Liezl Smith is a Director of KVET.

Monkey Helpline is a compassionate haven dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and protection of primates. Monkey Helpline is committed to wildlife welfare, they strive to safeguard the lives and habitats of primates offering them a second chance at a life filled with love and freedom. Through their tireless efforts, Monkey Helpline aims to raise awareness, inspire change and foster a harmonious coexistence between humans and primates. Steve Smith is the founder of Monkey Helpline.

The Institute for Critical Animal Studies is rooted in animal liberation and anarchism, is an international intersection transformative holistic theory-to-action activist led based scholarly think-tank to unapologetically examine, explain, be in solidarity with, and be part of radical and revolutionary actions, theories, groups and movements for total liberation and to dismantle all systems of domination and oppression in hopes for a just, equitable inclusive and peaceful world. Les Mitchell is a director of ICAS.

Rhinos in Africa is a think tank performing research concerning topics such as wildlife and environmental conservation, wildlife crime, environmental crime and human rights abuses related to wildlife crime. With over one million followers on various social media channels, Rhinos in Africa has the ability to influence people’s opinions and raise awareness about important issues relating to the research that is carried out. Since 2017 Rhinos in Africa has concentrated on a controversial research project in KwaZulu Natal which involves human rights abuses, the criminal justice system and rhino poaching. Megan Carr is the founder of Rhinos in Africa.

The Wild Law Institute is dedicated to pioneering laws and practices that recognise and uphold the rights of every member of the community of life, as a foundation for building ecologically sustainable and just societies. The Wild Law Institute works in alliance with indigenous and local peoples, organisations and individuals from around the world who are united in their love for Earth, and a determination to work for the benefit of all. Cormac Cullinan is the Founder of the Wild Law Institute.

Southern African Fight for Rhinos which was initiated to stop the the South African government from exporting rhino to countries who hunt rhino. To discourage the government from breeding rhino to in order harvest rhino horn. To encourage the government to offer better assistance to the men and women who risk their lives trying to protect South African rhino and to strengthen the laws and punishment for the those who are caught and prosecuted for the illegal killing of South African rhino. Southern African Fight for Rhinos was founded by Lex Abnett.

Vervet Monkey Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province of South Africa providing rehabilitation and sanctuary to orphaned, injured and abused primates. The Vervet Monkey Foundation has developed, over many years, a unique rehabilitation program that has revolutionised the care for primates. The Vervet Monkey Foundation offer a multi-tiered education program which teaches children and adults alike about the importance of protecting and conserving primates and other species for the benefit of the environment. The Vervet Monkey Foundation was founded by Dave Du Toit.

The Wild Africa Fund employs mass communications such as the Music for Wildlife Concerts and Poaching Steals From Us campaigns to raise awareness about poaching, habit loss and human wildlife conflict. The Wild African Fund promotes wildlife tourism and carbon offset as sources of conservation and sustainable development funding, promoting and directly supporting local wildlife programs from their offices in Cape Town, Lagos, Harare and Kigali and is running the programs previously under WildAid in South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Wild Africa Fund is founded by Peter and Corie Knights.

Youth Climate Justice Collective is a youth-led, intersectional movement which believes in achieving climate justice through social justice. The two are connected in South Africa, where the effects of the climate crisis are felt in people’s everyday lives. The Youth Climate Justice Collective is founded by Sera Farista

Parliament for the People is a non profit organisation that establishes forums and committees in rural and urban communities where there are critical service delivery challenges. Parliament for the People carries out philanthropic work in the North West Province. Parliament for the People was founded by Vivienne Law.

South Peninsula Khoi Council is based in the Western Cape of South Africa. Chief Stephen Fritz is an expert in the use of plants for medicinal purposes and he is a qualified indigenous guide and wildlife conservationist. Chief Stephen Fritz is an applicant in the Gauteng High Court, with Animal Law Reform South Africa and the EMS Foundation for the release of the elephants in the Johannesburg Zoo. Chief Stephen Fritz is a leader of the South Peninsula Khoi Council.