In particular WAPFSA members were in support of the following Draft Policy Positions:

  1. A national overreaching policy
  2. A shift towards a transformative, inclusive vision in Harmony with Nature.
  3. Principles of the re-wilding of the environment and the reintegration of captive wildlife into the wild, of enhancing wildlife’s survival in the wild, reversing the domestication and exploitation of wildlife in captivity and under intensive management.
  4. Transformation towards a new legal and administrative framework which is more transparent, enforceable, accountable, including the permitting system.
  5. The protection of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity hotspots and heritage sites.
  6. The inclusion of interspecies welfare and wellbeing in particular, the principles of “One Welfare” and “One Health” for the benefit of human and non-human animals.
  7. The halting of commodification of wildlife and wilderness.
  8. Principles of reversing the domestication of wildlife.
  9. The enhancing of wildlife’s survival in the wild.
  10. Efforts to reverse biodiversity losses through the promotion of regenerative practices, including practices to revive the African identity and heritage and the indigenous knowledge consistent with the protection of Nature.
  11. The halting of breeding and operations in captive facilities keeping wildlife; the halting of the relative trade in live animals and their body parts.
  12. Enhancing the reputation of South Africa as a conservation destination – this will also incentivise consistent external funding through the inclusion of principles of ethics, compassion, intrinsic value, sentience, humane treatment and respect for wildlife and biodiversity.
  13. The inclusion of “Ubuntu”.
  14. The inclusion of indigenous knowledge, in particular with its notions of mutual respect for Nature and for serving Nature.
  15. The stockpile of rhino horn, lion bone and ivory to be eliminated, in line with all of the above.

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